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Class today was FABULOUS!!! I'm going to recommend it to all
my friends. The 2 CD's are a great idea, too. It definitely exceeded
my expectations! Thanks so much, great job!!

Anat and Maya


Last night the "scarf" song started playing and Oliver picked up a
dish towel and started waving it in the air! Mark and I were both
astounded because it took US a minute to realize that that was the song
where you use the scarfs. It is amazing what their little minds are soaking
up. They also sometimes let us know that the music we have playing is
NOT Music Together®, and they want it changed! In certain moods, those
CDs are the only thing that calms them. We just love your class and
appreciate you so much! "    



Love music class and cannot wait to start on Monday....yaaay!! Let the fun begin. I try to recommend your classes to every mom, dad, and tot that I come across. ...you girls do such and amazing job with the kids in class. Thank you for having such a wonderful program.


This was Zach's first Music Together class and it was so much more enjoyable than any music class I have ever taken. The songs were fun to sing along to and, best of all, they got Zach singing and talking more!!! Thank you!


We love this music class! I have been taking my son to Music Together since he was one and he is now 22 months old and is still enjoying his music classes as much as ever! The teachers are wonderful and are so enthusiastic! They really try to engage the children. I have a 9 week old too and even he enjoys the classes if he's awake :) Music Together is a great way to introduce children to music and it will become one of your favorite activities to do with your kids!


I started Music Together when my daughter was about 8 months old and she absolutely loved it! She went for 2 years and now my 15-month-old son attends. I cannot say enough great things about the curriculum, the teachers and what a wonderful impact these classes have made on my children. It's great when all three of us are singing in the car! And often I have found myself singing the songs when they are not even around!! Thank you too for teaching parents the how's and why's of music and its effects on children.

Lauren and Trevor's Mom

My daughter started Music Together when she was just an infant. My younger son just started this year at 3 months old. No child is too young to start the love of music. Over the years with my daughter it was a way for me to connect to her day (I am a working mommy). Now I am able to take time with my son. While any class with numerous care givers and children can be social, the teacher always takes charge and we are happily singing away in no time. The best part is that the teacher helps with tips on how to work with your child on gaining an interest in the music and what to look for in them as they grow. There is also take home literature which helps the working mommy and daddy connect with what your child is experiencing. Several times during the week we now put on baby brother's Music Together CD (my daughter knows every song by heart from the past three years) We pull out the music box and all four of us begin to play and sing. My nine month old will play the drum, shake the shakers or attempt to clang the cymbals. My daughter dances and plays anything, just moves to the beat. I witnessed both of them progress immediately following sessions of Music Together. My son most recently started clapping anytime I began to sing a song to him. He soothes best at night to a particular lullaby we sing in class. I did not register my daughter this last session because her school claimed to be doing music. BIG MISTAKE! I will have both of them enrolled in the next session. There is nothing more fun and stimulating... you just have to go with the flow, engage with your child and have fun.

K Wright

My daughter is singing one of the songs as I write this. We now have our own lullaby time at bedtime and she makes requests. The music, teachers and CD are all QUALITY!

Vivian's mom

At the recommendation of friends in Santa Fe, NM, we looked for a local Music Together program and are so thankful to have found one in San Diego! We started six months ago, when my son just turned one, and we hate it if we have to go a week without a class. My son was shy at first, but would clap his hands, beat anything as a drum, and dance around at home to the CDs they sent home with us. Given the warm, supportive atmosphere in class though, he's really warmed up, and really gets into the action - dancing, drumming, clapping, and even trying to sing (despite that he's not talking yet).


I have attended Music Together classes in Northern CA with my daughter and now in San Diego with my son (1 year old). There's tons of research that goes behind the program and the teachers are warm and inviting with the kids, truly enjoy the music, and make it fun for adults too. I highly recommend this for all... whether you feel your musically talented or not — all are welcome!!

Karen H

This is our second year in Music Together and my kids just have a blast. My 2 year old loves the animation of the songs and playing the musical instruments. My 3 1/2 year old is really learning the words to the songs and loves the surprises the teacher brings to the class every week. I would highly recommend the program to all families. We look forward to music class every week!


Wonderful music, lots of activity and opportunity to explore music. My toddler (19 months) just loves it. The class environment is very nuturing and encourages the kids to love music. This is our favorite activity to do together.